About Us

At Platinum Archival our mission is to provide high quality archival storage solutions to as many people as possible.

Living in Australia our whole lives we know getting access to some products can be extra challenging. We would see videos or pictures of comic collections in the United States and try and find the same or even similar products in Australia and realize they either weren't available or the shipping from the U.S. was 3x the cost of the products. It was incredibly disheartening to not be able to store our comic collections the best way possible. With this happening time and time again we decided the only thing to do was to create our own line of archive solutions - Platinum Archival. Our goal is to continue to grow and expand the products available by developing new and innovative solutions to archiving.

We hope to help other collectors find and have access to what they need either directly through our website or by partnering with retailers around Australia. We want collectors to have confidence they are buying the highest quality possible for their collections.