Brand NEW Mailers

Brand NEW Mailers

We're excited to now have available Platinum Archival Short Box Mailers. These mailers are specifically designed to ship Platinum Archival short comic book boxes. These boxes help your shipping department to be more efficient and speed up the process of mailing out short comic boxes, which can be a challenging item to pack and mail out.

These boxes comfortably fit 5 short boxes and lids and can be stretched to fit a few more items when necessary. Alternatively they can be used to ship a mixed supply order of Platinum Archival short boxes, current, silver or magazine comic book bags and boards.

Mailing short comic book and comic book storage boxes becomes even easier with these Platinum Mailers. Sold as packs of 10 and shipped flat they take up a small amount of space while stored. To use simply fold the ends and tape together and you are ready to pack the box, label and send.

Have customers who want short comic boxes, but can't find a way to safely ship or efficiently send them out? These new mailers are made for you. They assist in efficiency and quality control during the packing and shipping process. When a request or order comes in for short boxes and storage supplies, simply pick the order, tape one end of the Platinum Archival short box mailer and fill the box. Close and tape the open end and you are ready to label your customers order and ship it out to them.

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